Founded in 1895, Gatti started the production of furniture as a family business.
In over three generations, their activity focused on interior and furnishing design.
In 1998 Massimo Gatti decided to translate the culture, tradition and the values of the family and the territory into a brand: Villevenete
Its activity is characterized by a successful production of furniture, especially sofas, beds and armchairs.
The italian company, leader in the furniture industry, has been immediately recognized for the high expertise and quality of its products, strictly “made in Italy”.

Villevenete exalts the experience and traditional knowhow of venetian tapestry, changing the perception of everyday living. The collection is defined by its traditional materials such
as selected wood, steel, goose fether, jute and wool.
Covers are removable and maintenance is easy.
Each cover is made by exquisite and natural textures.